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As an electrical contractor with experience working for both small and large companies, our founder Chris Paris identified a single recurring problem common to all electrical contractors.  The problem was that the information flowing from technicians in the field, to purchasing agents & project managers, to engineers and mid or senior level management and distributors, was not in a consistent format, was often not understandable or accurate, and too much time was wasted in translation.  

Furthermore, the corresponding purchase order placed by the  purchasing department too often results in a delivery of incorrect materials, which slows progress at the job-site, wastes valuable time and imposes a substantial cost on the contractor.  Discussions with many other electrical contractors confirm that this problem is real, universal, and requires solving.

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Put your material lists together on the move. Eliminate the paper and pencil. Be more accurate than ever.
Make it easier for your people to capture and report the necessary information.
Tool Tracking
You spend too much money on tools to not know who has them and where they are.
Control and document all the LOTO activities happening in your company.
Equipment Tracking
Well documented safety and maintenance checks are vital to the longevity of your equipment
Worker Management
Who's on your job-site? What are they getting done? What are their credentials?

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